27 Apr

Professional skills and networking events by the London section

Fuad Shamieh

IEEE Young Professionals (YP) London Section (LS) organizes various events throughout the year to provide the opportunity for members to immerse themselves in a learning environment, broaden their horizons, and experience engineering principles firsthand. Furthermore, IEEE YP LS is dedicated to helping its members develop professional skills, achieve personal growth, and widen their networks. Since January 2018, IEEE YP LS organized four events including:

  • Algorithms with a Moral Compass: Detecting Lies, Satire, and Clickbait with Prof. Victoria Rubin from the University of Western Ontario. The event introduced the audience to the importance of making morally-savvy algorithms and tools that use linguistic features in texts to make decisions.
  • Introduction to Programming With Python as part of Python-for-X series with Abdelrahmein Zaeid who is a highly skilled software engineer. The Python workshop introduced the audience to basic programming concepts and how to use them.
  • Financial Literacy 101 with Rand Kamel and Stephanie Dodds from CIBC. Rand and Stephanie shared their financial insights to help the audience make better financial decisions, understand the difference between credit/debit, and how to adjust financial models when transitioning from student life to professional career.
  • The $500BN Question: What Explains CryptoCurrency Prices? (Hint: Software Engineers will Love the Answer) with Prof. Jean-Philippe Verge from the University of Western Ontario.

On May 1st, YP members will have the opportunity to go on a Tour to London Hydro where the members will be able to see the operating center, the innovation lab, solar generation installation, and electric vehicle charging stations. On May 2nd, YP members are going to visit the Toyota automotive manufacturing plant in Cambridge, Ontario. The Toyota tour will give our members the opportunity to see how one of North America’s largest automotive manufacturing plant can produce 500,000 cars per year while maintaining a zero-waste status!

Financial Literacy 101. (photo cred.: Anas Saci)