IEEE Canada Young Professionals is an active group of volunteers that promotes a well-balanced professional life focusing on both technical and non-technical aspects of engineering: professionalism, personal development, and community involvement.

The group was formerly known as the Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) published the Aurum newsletter from 2003 to 2009 to highlight many of the activities, accomplishments, opportunities, and initiatives available to young professionals. The publication was formatted and sent as an email attachment to all members. In 2014, IEEE changed the name from GOLD to Young Professionals (YP) to broaden the scope to include the first “fifteen years from first degree.” With the new name change, there was a need to develop a new electronic newsletter that would not only highlight the activities of the various YP affinity groups across Canada, but also share opportunities available to young professionals.

The mission for the IEEE Canada Young Professionals Newsletter is to:

  • Highlight activities from all Young Professionals affinity groups in Canada
  • Promote local and global opportunities for Young Professionals
  • Recognize outstanding contributions from IEEE Canada Young Professionals