23 Jun

London Section’s Spring Update

Article By: Fuad Shamieh

IEEE Young Professionals London Section (YP LS) recently had a number of events designed to show engineering principles and production management work in harmony. On May 1st, IEEE YP LS went on a tour of London Hydro, a local power distribution company, where our membership had the chance to see the operation center, London Hydro’s innovation lab, solar generation installation, and electric vehicle charging stations. The tour was concluded with a networking session and delicious pizza.

On May 2nd, a tour to one of North America’s largest automotive manufacturer located in Cambridge, Ontario, took place. Our membership went to the Toyota Motors Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) plant to see how 500,000 cars are produced yearly while maintaining zero waste status. The TMMC plant was essentially a live-action tour of Toyota’s lean manufacturing philosophy.

On May 14th, a tour to one of Canada’s robotics manufacturer, JMP Solutions, was held. On this tour, our members were able to learn the process of creating custom robots for various industries including the food industry and petroleum industry. Furthermore, our members had the chance to see these robots in action and learn about the process of maintaining these devices and managing the different teams to create them. Once the tour concluded, a networking and pizza session was held. Finally, on June 27, a BBQ lunch event will be held to provide our members with a delicious meal, a chance to socialize with peers and expand their network.